+++ Home Education Online Resources +++

As homeschooling families, we are familiar with the challenges home educating can present.  For some, the choice to homeschool is difficult and further complicated by concerns regarding roles and rights of homeschooling parents.  However, in addition to NSHEA, there are many other fabulous provincial and Canadian resources.  Don't sit with your questions and concerns: reach out and ask us at NSHEA and have a look at some of the informative and reliable resources we've listed in the links below:

NSHEA Facebook Page

Central Valley Homeschoolers 

Homeschooling in Nova Scotia

The Comedy of Errors (Facebook Group)

HEMS - Helping Encouraging, Mentoring, Serving

Homegrown Homeschool Consignment Store


Nova Scotia Unschoolers (Facebook Group)

Nova Scotia Home Learners (Yahoo Group)

The Canadian Homeschooler

+++ NS Department of Education Online Resources +++

The Nova Scotia Department of Education (DoE) has a Website for Homeschooling Families in the province with pertinent information on rights and roles of Home Educating parents in NS. 

The DoE provides a cohesive Learning Outcomes Framework (LOF).  Quality purchased curricula usually cover these learning objectives, and those who chose to develop their own learning plans may can find the LOF a useful reference.

2017-18 Homeschooling Registration Form - Printable - NS DoE:
Printable registration form for the 2017-2018 school year.

2017-18 Homeschooling Registration Form - Electronic - DoE:

Electronic registration form for the 2017-2018 school year.

2016-17 Homeschooling End of Year Progress Report - NS DoE: 

Online form with suggested format, but see the DoE link above for other styles of End of Year Progress Reports.

+++ NSHEA Elected Executive Board Members and Positions 2017/2018 +++

If you have any questions, please contact one of our annually member elected Board Members: 

First Chair: Melanie Little - nsheachair1@gmail.com
Role: Liaises on behalf of Members with the NS Department of Education and various related agencies

Second Chair: Melanie Rhora - nsheachair2@gmail.com
Role: Coordinates events and activities to connect member families and the broader NS Home Ed Community

Member At Large: (Vacant)
Role: Special Projects and involvement in assisting in a wide range of NSHEA endeavors

Secretary: Charlene Williams - nsheasec@gmail.com
Role: Administrative organization; keeping and sharing of meeting minutes, maintaining membership lists; and disseminating NSHEA communications with members

Treasurer: Anne-Marie Brown - nsheatreasurer@gmail.com
Role: Managing accounts in addition to filing NSHEA annual financial reports

+++ NSHEA Membership +++

Becoming a member of NSHEA is FREE and benefits you and the community.

Just click the link below to fill out our online membership form:

Membership Form - Online

You can also download our membership form by clicking the link below: 

Membership form - Printable

NSHEA: Non-Profit Registered Provincial Association

NSHEA is a provincially registered not for profit organization and as such abides by the Societies Act - NS Legislature. You can check out our Bylaws by clicking the link below:

NSHEA Bylaws